Seek to repair not replace.

Smart Repairs stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technology and is a technology which blends new paint into old, in effect repairing only the area that has damage so there is no need to replace entire panels. Our technicians repair minor damage to your vehicle more efficiently than traditional repair methods, helping you to save time and money.


Save time and money.

These repairs can be done without changing entire components, a technique that is both cost and time efficient. Our highly trained staff will explain the process to you and even carry out same day repairs. As a new, faster, and more affordable method of repair, it’s also the latest eco-friendly technology offered by Michael Debono Ltd.



Interior plastic texture colour coding
Windscreen stone chips
Vinyl & leather seat repairs
Dashboard repairs
Alloy wheel refurbishment
Headlight restoration
Black textured bumper scuffs

Mirror casing scuffs
Parking sensors
Light accident damage
Coloured & textured mouldings
Paint chips and bumper scuffs
Stone chips & scratches

Why choose Smart Repairs?

Environmentally friendly

Uses less paint than traditional repair methods meaning less waste

Applies to all makes and models

Smart Repairs can be used on any make and model, not just Toyota models

Increases residual value of your car

Prevents corrosion and avoids rust, extending the lifespan of vehicles

Cheaper to repair and fix

By repairing only the area that has damage, the repair costs are reduced significantly

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